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Privacy Policy

Please find below the updated Privacy Policy for Gilding the Lily in compliance with the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements. It is by law that Gilding the Lily must make certain data processing practices and protocols clear to previous, current and future clients regarding how Gilding the Lily collects, stores, uses and protects its clients’ data as a registered business.

Your data

When contacting and making an appointment with Gilding the Lily personal details are collected and stored. These personal details include your name, address, contact details, medical history and medical contact information.

Before any services are provided by Gilding the Lily, you will be required to sign a client record card to confirm all the medical information you have provided is accurate and to ensure it is appropriate for your treatment choices. Some of the services provided by Gilding the Lily may require you to complete an additional consent form to give your permission to have certain treatments (e.g. pre-testing). It is mandatory that all signed and dated client record cards and consent forms are stored by Gilding the Lily.

All data collected, whether physical or digital, are held securely at a private address or on a protected personal computer.

This personal data is used for the purposes of contacting you about relevant products, services and promotions offered by Gilding the Lily, and for scheduling, rescheduling and confirming appointments. It may also be used to support the annual book-keeping and accountancy requirements for Gilding the Lily where relevant. Personal data are not shared with any third parties without prior consent.

Data retention

Contact and payment data is lawfully retained for 7 years. Any other personal data will only be held for as long as the services provided by Gilding the Lily are required.

Your rights

As the data subject, you have the right to access, update and amend any relevant personal data held by Gilding the Lily. Upon written request (via email or text message), Gilding the Lily will arrange for you to do so, within the statutory 30 days.

You have the right to discontinue using the services of Gilding the Lily at any time. Should you decide to discontinue using services provided by Gilding the Lily, please advise Gilding the Lily by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of this Privacy Policy to make this known. All your personal data will be deleted or destroyed once it is no longer lawfully required. Should you wish to remain as a listed client, but no longer wish to be contacted by Gilding the Lily in relation to products, services and promotions offered, please click on the unsubscribe link provided at the end of this Privacy Policy to make this known. Gilding the Lily will ensure that your contact details are removed from future mailing lists in accordance with your request.

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